Saturday, January 18, 2014

Everyday life is full of events and happenings that are beyond our control. But there is one thing that only we can control: our thought. When a thought is planted in the mind, energy is released, creating actions such as spirituality and health promotion behaviors.

How to start spirituality and health promotion behaviors?

The first step to being spiritual and healthy is to practise focusing on good thoughts so that they create positive energy for us. All thoughts are connected and one good thought will lead to the next. So we begin our journey to spirituality and health by being mindful of the things we do.

How can we be mindful?

We can all be a little more mindful if we simply practise taking a pause in everything we do. Pause for a split second before you speak. Breathe in before you type. Close your eyes for a moment after the first sip of coffee in the morning. Smell your apple before you take your first bite. It is in these in-between space that spiritual life can be found.

Practise pausing can enrich your spiritual life because a pause is a gentle reminder that there are many aspects to life. Work is only one part of your life. Besides Work, we have Family, Friends, Love, Study, Leisure and Spirituality. When you are upset over one area of your life, you can immediately restore your inner peace by putting your problem in perspective. A seemingly big problem becomes smaller when it is places in a larger scheme of life.

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